Articles for Exeter 2011 

The event in Exeter was covered extensively in a broad range of local, national and international articles of which a sample can be seen below. Coverage also included cultural news such as Arts Industry and two separate BBC news broadcasts of rehearsals and reactions to the event on the day.
BBC News / 6 Sept 2011

Guardian / 11 Sept 2011

Yoko Ono – Imagine Peace / 8 Sept 2011

Arts Council England / 6 Sept 2011

Theatre Devon / 5 Sept 2011 – Cleo Evans Interview

Demotix – Exeter / 11 Sept 2011

Church of England / 5 Sept & 12 Sept 2011

Devon Faiths Forum / 11 Sept 2011

This Is Exeter / 12 Sept 2011

Bridport News / 9 Sept 2011

India Times

Studio Ju Ju (US) – Sound Art Event / 27 Aug 2011

Anglican & Epicopal Church Blog (US)

Anglican Mainstream (US) – 9/11 Commemorations

Beatles Magazine / 6 Sept

Paul McCartney / 8 Sept 2011

This Is Devon / 9 Sept 2011

Stalbridge Players / 8 Sept 2011

DM’s Beatles Forum / 8 Sept 2011

Articles for Liverpool 2009

The Independent – Lennon’s Classic played on Church bells / 28 Feb 2009–lennons-classic-played-on-church-bells-1634244.html

The Sunday Times “Change ringing: will John Lennon drop a clanger?”

BBC news “Cathedral plays Lennon’s Imagine”

BBC News “Bells play ‘anti-religion’ song:

Imagine peace “John Lennon’s Imagine rang out on Liverpool Cathedral bells/ Yoko Ono Message”:

Liverpool Daily Post “John Lennon’s Imagine rings out on Liverpool Cathedral bells”:

New Music Express “Lennon’s ‘anti-religious’ anthem to ring out across home city”:

Daily Mail “Imagine – cathedral bells Liverpool play Lennon’s anti-religion hit”:—cathedral-bells-Liverpool-play-Lennons-anti-religion-hit.html

Liverpool Echo “Yoko Ono describes plans to play John Lennon’s Imagine on Liverpool Cathedral bells as ‘so beautiful’ ”

World Understanding & Peace blog “John Lennon’s plea for world peace “Imagine” chimes across Liverpool”

The Church Times “Cathedral to ring out ‘no heaven’”:

Yoko Ono website “Lennon’s Imagine to be Played on Liverpool Cathedral Bells”

Ultimate Guitar blog “John Lennon’s Imagine to be pealed by cathedral bells”